yellow feather photography

August 8, 2012


jalaBlu || Buena Vista Yoga Oasis

a few weeks ago, I got to explore the wonderful studio & gardens at jalablu yoga for a project! jenna is one of those people that glow and so does her space! just look below! check jalaBlu out here for a schedule of classes and awesome events!

“jalaBlu is an oasis that welcomes open hearts, abundance in spirit, and fellow travellers ~ Come as you are!”

jala: (jAH-lah) Sanskrit = water

blu: (ba-LOo) Jenna’s dictionary = fun to say – “jalaBlu”

  1. Jenna | JalaBlu Yoga | Buena Vista Portrait Photographer » Yellow Feather Photography

    August 24th, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    […] check jenna and her incredible yoga studio out, here!! – also see photos from the jalastudio and jalagarden here!!! […]

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