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February 16, 2015

Beth Grimes Photography

With the middle of February upon us, I’ve finally had a chance to look back on all that has happened this past year. It feels a bit overwhelming to be honest; wonderfully overwhelming.

To every couple that has invited me into their world…I thank you. Your willingness to let down your walls and be true is what makes these photographs so magical. A staged moment will never have the power and emotion that an authentic one will. I believe in this work with all of my heart. I believe in the power of an image to evoke inspiration and …something eternal- even if we don’t always know what that is. You allowed me to step into your story, and because of that you became part of mine.

From the Panamanian rainforest to the Peruvian jungle to the Colorado mountains…

From the seemingly mundane to the mountain top moments…

These are your stories.

[Press Play!}





Salida Yoga Tonic-132

Emily + PJ Wedding-0016Brink+Katie-673Boquete-7Amanda + Jordan-320Brink+Katie-411Chelsea + Ron Wedding-151Durango + Sand Dune01791Emily + Andrew Wedding-638Kaley + Zach Life Told-189Katy + Ro Life Told-0044Lura + Justin Life Told-0005Luz de Vida-202Luz de Vida-161Molly + Ryan Maternity-131

Peru-190Pinneo-65Robyn-56Sacred Valley-102Sail-88Sacred Valley-018M + T Life Told-0046Lura + Justin Life Told-0166Sail-165Salida Pilates -0090-2Salida Yoga Tonic-22Sarah + Jack Life Told-79Sarah + Jack Life Told-76
Sharp Family-0130

Sarah + Jack Life Told-158

Soposo-71Sterling & Steel -0024Tarra17351Winchell Family-30Yoga Tonic Teachers-56Soposo-61Sterling & Steel -0043Sail-119Sacred Valley-104Lauren + Wes Wedding-0232AAE Day 2-159




Yellow Feather Photography

So now here’s to 2015!

To the friends yet to meet

and the stories yet to be lived.

With Gratitude.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Great photos Beth!

  2. Wonderful work Beth! You are gifted.

  3. As a hobbyist photographer always chasing the dream I give you kudos for your sense of timing, place, space, use of light, and composition. I see you have visited our town Salida in your journey and look forward to what you create moving forward.

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