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August 3, 2018

Jason + Lindsay

June 1st, 2018

One of my all time favorite Colorado wedding venues, Blue Lakes Ranch and their sister venue Ridgewood are located just outside of Durango, Colorado and are the perfect combo for a down to earth, simple, yet tastefully executed weddings.

I’m honored to have gotten the chance to document Jason and Lindsay’s wedding there this past June. Jason was an old friend from my time in Denver. Countless memories are shared with Jason and our larger friend group. As an example, we used to hold winter and summer olympic competitions that included synchronized ice-skating and snow-shoe races and of course lots of costume competitions. Jason is one of those fearless, “I’ll do anything for a solid memory” type of guy. His stories are endless and his character is deep. And he has people around him that share the same passion for life, obviously including Lindsay.

When they asked me to be their wedding photographer, I was truly thrilled. These two have a community that knows how to have quality conversation and play some mean volleyball. They started off their wedding weekend on a Friday so that it was truly a destination wedding where everyone could use the rest of the weekend to hangout and explore the area. This type of thoughtfulness created an atmosphere where people had the space and time to really reconnect, sit with one another, and also dance their hearts out!

Thank you Jason and Lindsay for letting me tag along for your incredible weekend of celebration. Its one I will never forget.

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