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April 5, 2015

Katy + Ro’s Boulder Wedding

Pastures of Plenty

Longmont, Colorado

Boulder Wedding

From Katy after seeing a few of the photos:

“These brought me to tears of joy and laughter. We cannot stop looking at them. I truly feel like we are friends and would absolutely love to find a way to remain connected with each other’s lives. I’m so glad you were there as not only our photographer but also a friend. You are truly a gift to us and the world and it is evident you have tapped into a passion. Your work is beautiful and the way you captured the wedding is exactly what we hoped for.”

The feelings are mutual. Katy and Ro are dear to my heart. We haven’t seen one another since the wedding, but I feel so very connected to them.┬áTheir beautiful friends and family were so present the day of their wedding. They welcomed me into their close-knit community. They loved one another well that day and were the perfect representation of why weddings are truly magical.

They bring people together- for celebration. for life.

to create a memory and experience that bonds.

So many details about the day made it meaningful. Together-ness was the priority. There was plenty of time built into the day to just be gathered. To connect and sit in the experience of the day. Katy’s sisters made the bridesmaids and flower girl dresses as well as the cake. While her mom made the custom napkins for each guest. The venue is a wonderful farm with plenty of greenhouses, growing vegetables, fresh flowers, mountain backdrops and an atmosphere of natural spaciousness.

Thank you Katy and Ro- I cherish your willingness to let me into your lives and document this chapter.

You can also see their life told session here.

Boulder WeddingBoulder Wedding Photographer

Venue, Flowers, Catering: Pastures of Plenty Farm

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