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November 9, 2012

every year, i take on a few social documentary/humanitarian projects.

it’s what fuels me.


to be connected with a cause. to be creating good. to be purposeful about the use of my time and talents.


a few months ago, my boyfriend and journalist -Tyler Grimes- and i traveled to the wonderful mountain getaway of Westcliffe, Colorado to visit Mission:Wolf for an assignment with Colorado Central Magazine. 


it is not just a refuge for wolves- though their cause is great and their message powerful.

being a refuge alone would be worthy. however, they are much more. they are a place for healing. for inspiration. for learning about the human spirit.

at mission: wolf, you see how to live sustainably with innovative architecture, solar panel use, and a community that is passionate about what they do.



here are a few shots from our trip.




Westcliffe, Colorado

















please check out mission:wolf’s website. take a trip to see if for yourself.


also check out colorado central magazine.  they’re awesome!


and make sure to read the article. there is a snippet on the  colorado central magazine site.





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