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November 4, 2016

Kaitlyn + Philip at Amigo Motor Lodge

Colorado Engagement Photos

Salida, Colorado

I met Kaitlyn and Philip over a year ago over Whiskey. They were brainstorming moving to Salida to start a modern motor lodge. A year later, their vision has become a reality and it is rad. If you’re ever traveling through this area, make sure you stay at Amigo Motor Lodge  (plus you might find a room with one of my photos in it!). These two infuse themselves and unique character into every detail of your stay, starting with a draft brew upon checking in. Awesome.

So, when these two got engaged over the summer and asked if I’d take some photos documenting this chapter of their life- it was a no brainer to start at the lodge. Then…to go explore some of the awesome hiking/camping spots around the Arkansas River Valley. They had no problem cracking jokes and making one another (and me!) laugh the whole evening. It was a blast.

Check out the adventure below:

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Make sure to check out their website // Instagram // and FB Page


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