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September 27, 2017

Karyna + Zach

Twin Lakes, Colorado Elopement

I was trying to buy a used car when I skyped with Karyna + Zach for the first time. I sat in my car next to a used car parking lot and tried to hold my phone just right to make sure I kept good signal. I immediately got chills talking to these two. I could tell already, this was going to be awesome! They were at their home in Texas and told me all about their lives and why they were choosing to elope rather than having a full on wedding. Eloping isn’t the answer for everyone by any means, but for those that it makes sense I highly encourage it!

On the day:

We met up in the afternoon at Amigo Motor Lodge in Salida, Colorado. This funky spot was the perfect backdrop for getting ready, especially because they allow dogs! We then hit the road to Twin Lakes, Colorado. The weather was beyond perfect and there wasn’t a soul in site. We immediately saw the spot where the ceremony should happen, a peninsula out into the lake with the perfect hill. Sweet. We pulled over and started hiking up the hill. Then the magic really started. Everytime during an elopement, this is the point where I go into incognito mode. Karyna and Zach had a private ceremony where they recited their vows to one another and their pup danced around them. There was a sacredness present as they whispered their promises amidst the mountains. There was no timeline to keep to. No entourage or bridal party. No centerpieces or wedding planners… just them and their future together. My role during this time was to document from afar. To show evidence of this magical moment, but to not take away from it by intruding. After the ceremony, they shared a shot of whisky from Salida’s Wood’s Distillery (one of my all time faves!). We then wandered around the shoreline while their dog played in the lake and they laughed and soaked in what had just happened. Their smiles were permanent and authentic.

One of my favorite aspects of this whole day is that these two were fully present in every moment. There was no posing. No pretending. No social pressures to do this or that.

It was just their day.


Locations: Wood’s Distillery, Amigo Motor Lodge, Twin Lakes

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