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June 17, 2014

Katy + Ro

Life Told

Clear Creek Reservoir

Buena Vista, Colorado

I met Katy and Ro in a coffee/wine bar in Denver a few months ago. We shared a glass of wine and talked for hours. It was like we were long lost friends. I left feeling giddy. We talked a little about their wedding- but mostly about life. Mostly about what makes them tick. What foods they love and what things make them laugh. We became friends that evening. So when we met up to do a life told session, it was easy. We hiked around Clear Creek Reservoir in the heart of the Colorado Mountains. It felt real. Like something they would be doing without me there. This is the magic of life told sessions.

Authentic laughter and awe at the natural world around us. Everything else falls into place.

Life told sessions are great for many reasons. We get to hang out- get to know one another more- just playing outside. It also gets everyone used to the process of taking photos (which I try to make as natural as possible…but it is always a bit strange at first). Katy wrote me after the session and said that she was so glad that they had done this for that reason. Plus, it is such a unique opportunity to document this amazing chapter of life. To create something that you can show your grandkids. To tell the complete story…not just the wedding day.

Thanks Katy and Ro for reminding me why I love doing what I do!


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