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January 9, 2016



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Here I am in this snowy Colorado mountain town – nearly 9000 miles from Nduru, Kenya- a distance that my mind can’t even begin to comprehend. Worlds away. Scrolling though my photos from this past summer, I am instantly taken back to the smells of banana leaves and cooking ugali; the feeling of the equatorial air engulfing me; the sound of songs and languages I dream of understanding all around.

Back up to 2008, my husband Tyler visited this little village in Western Kenya as a traveler searching for purpose. It is a story that I heard when we first met and a story relived in my mind a dozen times as I try to comprehend how it shaped and molded him so drastically. Now…nearly 8 years later we’re going back- his third visit, my second.

There is a children’s home here. Fourteen children filling the walls with energy and laughter. So much laughter.

From our western perspective, it seems as though they have nearly nothing; no electricity, no running water, no retirement accounts.

But yet…we have so much to learn from them. There is a simplicity to living that I long for. To know the space and people surrounding you so deeply. To live at a pace that begs for understanding. But yes…there is a very real need for basic living necessities and I feel it is our duty to take the privilege we have been given and share, while also learning from their example. A simple gift could drastically alter the path of this community and open up opportunities they could have never dreamt about.

A few days ago, I dropped Tyler off at DIA for a flight to Nairobi. I will join him in February. The goal of this trip is to help build a dorm for the children’s home. The Kenyan government requires separate dormitories for boys and girls and with a little help, they could meet these standards which would put them in line for government assistance (nearly 40% of their operating costs). The dorm, equipped with solar panels would cost $7000.

A second part of the project is to fund the capital for the expansion of Eco2librium’s Stoves for Life to Nduru.  This video by MyClimate further explains Stoves for Life and how they create jobs for Kenyans while mitigating climate change.  The partnership will provide long-term financial stability for the Children’s Home along with job opportunities and business training for the surrounding Nduru community.

It is a project we hope will empower this community for generations to come. With a little initial help, they will be able to fund both the Children’s Home and create jobs for the village while hopefully benefitting Kenya’s forests and ecology at large.

It is a project with many layers- if you’d like to hear more…we’d love to share! So please don’t hesitate to reach out and check out the linked videos and websites below.

If you’d like to donate, please visit this page. (THANK YOU!!)

The following photos are from the children’s home, Kakamega Forest, and finally Lake Nakuru National Park

Here is an example of the kiln and stoves that would be produced by the village.

By reducing the amount of burn being used, Kenya’s forests will be better persevered.

Kakamega Forest

Lake Nakuru National Park


Please take a moment to check out this fundraiser for the children’s home dormitory. Truly anything helps, including sharing the video if you’d like!

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